Wie repariert man den Reißverschluss eines Rucksacks?

Every individual has a unique story to tell about a dysfunctional backpack zipper, especially those moments when it acts up precisely when one needs it to function well. At BagManufacturer, we recognize that a backpack is more than just a carrier for your essentials. It plays a crucial role in how smoothly your day goes. 

It could be a hiccup on the way to a business meeting, a minor frustration during travel, or a significant issue for a student who needs to pack their books swiftly. BagManufacturer, with over 20 years of rich experience in custom backpack manufacturing, not only produces premium quality bags but also provides expert advice on how to look after and extend their lifecycle.

We understand those real-life situations when you find that the zipper of your beloved backpack, which was stashed away in your closet, has jumped off its track. Furthermore, in the rush and chaos of daily life, when everything needs to be instant, learning to fix a backpack zipper can be a valuable skill. This article will walk you through a simple 3-step routine to mend your backpack’s zipper, enabling you to resolve this hiccup independently, promptly and effectively.

Step 1: Grab your pliers

To troubleshoot a backpack zipper that’s come off track, pliers are the champion tool to gently nudge it back into its rightful place. It’s important to remember that pliers might cause a few scratches or paint chips on the zipper. However, restoring your backpack to its operational state primarily outweighs minor cosmetic damages. Handle with care and avoid exerting excessive force, which might lead to breakage of the zipper.

Citing the guide from UCAN Zippers, once you prepare your pliers, position the zipper around the middle of the track. Here, you will see the slider detached from the track. Insert the plier tips into the side of the slider where the track has dislodged. Carefully and gently close the pliers (without pinching) and provide a slight force. Use this as a lever to gradually expand the slider towards the direction the track is missing and open the lower part. Ideally, conduct this method for both sides of the slider.

Step 2: Reestablish the zipper track

Persistently and slightly enlarge the slider until there’s considerable space. Be extra patient to lessen the risk of breaking the zipper. Hold the unattached part of the zipper with a steady grip and gingerly guide it back into the slider. Apply gentle force, pass it through the slider’s opening, then pull it up and outwards while attempting to reattach it back on track.

Step 3: Securely close the zipper slider

After positioning the slider back on both sides of the chain, glide the zipper down towards the bag’s shut end. Use needle nose pliers and delicately close the slider shut. Precisely place the pliers at the back and front of the slider’s opening. Don’t apply too much pressure that could risk making the slider overly tight. Your primary goal is to seal the gap you initially widened. Typically, squeeze each side twice while testing to assess if the zipper is excessively loose or constricted. If the teeth of the slider connect back smoothly, then you’ve successfully repaired the zipper.

Now that you have your backpack functional again, you might want to consider a thorough cleaning, especially if the backpack has been lying dormant in storage. Either manually clean it or utilize a washing machine, ensuring it’s not only functioning well but looking as good as new.


Repairing a backpack zipper need not be intimidating. While it may seem intricate at first glance, conquering the 3-step procedure as outlined above assures you of a deftly mended zipper, restoring your backpack’s functionality. Coming from BagManufacturer, a reputed custom bag manufacturer with over two decades experience, we aim to empower you with practical tips and guidance on maintaining your bags at their optimum.

Our goal is much beyond producing and delivering quality bags; we strive to ensure our products provide lasting convenience. Thus, we hope this guide proves helpful for those precarious moments when the zipper decides to play truant. Repairing a backpack’s zipper not only saves time but also plays a small yet significant part in reducing wastage, contributing to a sustainable future. Let’s keep our backpacks, the trustworthy companions of our everyday journeys, in great shape!


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