Avantages et inconvénients de la fabrication de sacs en Chine

China is often top-of-mind when it comes to the production of bags, largely due to its relatively low labor costs and vast resources. For bag manufacturing firms, these qualifiers make China an appealing choice. Yet, there are some potential pitfalls to consider prior to initiating operations in China. This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of bag production in China.

The benefits of producing bags in China

China’s position as a global outsourcing hub has been accelerating, with a notable 20% growth recorded in 2012. Currently, it leads the world in bag supply. The reasons for this progression are manifold:

  • Economical labor costs: Labor cost is remarkably competitive in China, making it a compelling option for companies seeking to produce bags cost-effectively.
  • Rich resources: Abundant natural resources make China a preferred choice for bag production. China is renowned for the large availability of textiles and leather, which are the critical elements in bag production.
  • Extensive production base: A broad manufacturing base enables companies to easily find production facilities equipped to handle their requirements.
  • Robust infrastructure: A sound infrastructure simplifies the transportation process to various markets.

The drawbacks of producing bags in China:

There are, however, certain disadvantages associated with bag production in China:

  • Substandard quality control: Quality control can sometimes be compromised in Chinese manufacturing, resulting in subpar end products.
  • Limited creativity: High-volume, standardized production can stifle creativity and restrict design innovation in bags.
  • Language barriers: Language can pose an issue, as many production facilities lack English-speaking personnel, complicating communication.
  • Inadequate working conditions: The working conditions in some Chinese factories are less than ideal, which can have implications for workforce welfare.

Evidently, despite being the primary global supplier of bags, the drawbacks have steered some companies to look for alternative locations like India and Vietnam for their manufacturing needs.


In summary, the prospect of bag production in China is characterized by both advantages and disadvantages. Yet, not every factory in China is alike. Some, like BagManufacturer, have state-of-the-art, clean facilities, and diligent staff concerned about product quality. Thus, thorough research and careful selection of the right factory are crucial to successful bag production in China.

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