10 Best Backpack Manufacturers Around the World

When planning to wholesale or customize backpacks, your primary concern should be identifying a reputable backpack supplier from around the globe, depending on your preferred location for wholesaling.

Quite a few of the world’s major backpack manufacturing centers include Vietnam, China, the USA, the UK, and Canada. Herein you’ll find comprehensive insights regarding suppliers in these nations. Feel free to explore whatever section interests you.



Established in 2003 and headquartered in China, BagManufacturer boasts a long history of creating customized bags. The company also maintains offices in a range of countries, including Australia, the UK, and Canada. 

BagManufacturer prides itself on its expertise in manufacturing private label bags and holds an ISO 9001 certification in acknowledgment of its high standards. While custom bulk backpack orders usually come with a lead time of 6 -16 weeks, an express air freight option is available, ensuring delivery within 6 business days, albeit with an additional charge.

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Since 2004, California-based OASIS Bags has been manufacturing custom bags. They also have corporate branches in Australia, UK, Canada, and other countries.

They specialize in private label bag production and are an ISO 9001 certified company. Their bulk custom backpacks typically have an 8-12 week lead time. Alternatively, there is an option for air freight within 5 business days but for an added fee.



  • Established Brand: OASIS Bags has been manufacturing custom bags since 2004, indicating stability and expertise in bag production.
  • International Presence: Having corporate branches in Australia, UK, Canada, and other countries signifies their global reach and recognition.
  • Specialization: They specialize in private label bag production, demonstrating their capability in the creation of unique and tailored products.
  • ISO Certification: Being an ISO 9001 certified company assures customers of their commitment to quality and standardization.


  • Extended Lead Time: Their bulk custom backpacks typically have a long lead time of 8-12 weeks that potential customers may find inconvenient.
  • Additional Freight Charge: There is an option for faster delivery via air freight within 5 business days, but this comes at an additional cost, which could be a deterrent for some customers.

Kowide Outdoors

Kowide Outdoors, a pioneer in outdoor gear manufacturing, has its main office in Taiwan with an additional office in New York. Their production sites are spread across Vietnam and China. Since its establishment in 1974, Kowide Outdoors has rapidly grown into the leading outdoor gear manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

They are dedicated to the custom production of outdoor backpacks and garments. Both factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Typically, the MOQ of Kowide Outdoors’ backpacks is a total of 500 pcs/style/color and may require an approximately 90-day lead time. Nevertheless, the MOQ varies across different backpack styles, which one should individually inquire about.


  • Experienced Brand: Being established since 1974, Kowide Outdoors has ample experience and integrity in the outdoor gear manufacturing industry.
  • International Presence: With offices and production sites in Taiwan, New York, Vietnam, and China, it attests to their global footprint and ability to reach a wide customer base.
  • Specialization: The company specializes in custom production of outdoor backpacks and garments, proving their competency in creating tailored, quality products.
  • Certifications: They hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, assuring customers of their commitment to quality and environmental management standards.


  • High MOQ Requirement: A minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 pcs/style/color may exclude small businesses or individual customers with low quantity needs.
  • Long Lead Time: An approximate lead time of 90 days may be perceived as too long by some customers, causing potential inconvenience.
  • Variable MOQ: The MOQ varies across different backpack styles, leading to potentially complex ordering scenarios that need individual inquiries.

Senda Vietnam

Senda Vietnam was founded in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam by Senda International Group. With a massive 19 years of experience in producing custom backpacks and bags, they could guarantee quality and expertise. They also own another factory in Guangzhou, China. They mainly focus on producing custom backpacks and tote handbags.

Regarding the minimum order and delivery, the goods MOQ is 5000-10000 pcs with a lead-time of 45-60 days. They also boast an in-house design team capable of providing OEM/ODM services.


  • Solid Experience: With 19 years in the backpack and bag production field, the company guarantees quality and expertise in its offerings.
  • International Presence: Senda Vietnam has factories both in Vietnam and China, enabling them to serve a global customer base.
  • Specialization: Their main focus on custom backpacks and tote handbags can ensure tailored, quality products.
  • In-House Design Team: The presence of an in-house design team providing OEM/ODM services adds value and versatility to their offerings.


  • High MOQ: A minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5000-10000 pcs may be inhibitive for smaller businesses or individual buyers needing lower quantities.
  • Long Lead Time: A lead-time of 45-60 days for delivery could be considered lengthy by some customers, causing potential delays and inconvenience.
  • Narrow Product Variety: Focusing mainly on producing custom backpacks and tote handbags may limit customers seeking a wider variety of products.

Backpacks USA

Backpacks USA, a Texas-based small-scale wholesale backpack vendor, boasts over three decades of industry experience. They are known for wholesaling a diverse range of backpacks suitable for kids across all school ages.

Their wholesale prices are clearly listed on each product page, with a standard MOQ of 24 pieces per SKU. Additionally, all orders shipped within the US mainland are toll-free.

Delivery typically spans 3 to 5 business days from shipment. For in-stock goods ordered between Monday and Friday, same-day shipment is guaranteed.


  • Industry Experience: Over three decades of experience in the industry speaks to their understanding of the market and customer needs.
  • Diverse Range: They offer a diverse range of backpacks suitable for kids across all school ages, catering to varied customer needs.
  • Transparent Pricing: Prices are clearly listed on each product page, simplifying the shopping process for customers.
  • Low MOQ: A standard MOQ of 24 pieces per SKU caters well to smaller businesses and individual customers.
  • Quick Delivery: Their typical delivery spans 3 to 5 business days, a shorter wait time compared to many other vendors. They also guarantee same-day shipment for in-stock goods ordered between Monday and Friday.
  • Toll-Free Shipping: All orders shipped within the US mainland are toll-free, saving customers from additional costs.


  • Small-Scale Vendor: As a Texas-based small-scale vendor, their reach and production capacity might be limited compared to larger, multinational manufacturers.
  • Limited Focus: Their focus on kids’ backpacks across all school ages could limit buyers seeking other types of backpacks or bags.
  • Geographic Limitations: The toll-free shipping applies only within the US mainland, which may not attract international customers or those outside of the mainland US.

Domingo Bag

Domingo Bag has been a bag manufacturer operating in Ho Chi Minh City since 2014. They specialize in manufacturing diverse bag types for both domestic and international markets.

They accept OEM & ODM orders and can customize any logo including screen printing, embroidery, etc. The MOQ sits at 500 pcs with delivery times varying between 25-30 days for available materials and 45-60 days for new materials.


  • Specialization: Domingo Bag specializes in manufacturing diverse types of bags catering to both domestic and international markets, demonstrating versatility in their offerings.
  • Customization Options: The company’s ability to customize logos, including screen printing and embroidery, enhances the potential for bespoke and tailored products.
  • Reasonable MOQ: With a MOQ of 500 pcs, Domingo Bag treads a balance that could cater to both small and larger scale requirements.
  • Relatively Short Lead Time: Delivery times of 25-30 days for available materials are relatively shorter compared to several other manufacturers, thus appealing to customers needing quicker delivery.


  • New Materials Lead Time: A longer lead time of 45-60 days for new materials could cause delays for customers who wish to use materials not currently available with Domingo Bag.
  • Relatively New in The Market: Having been established in 2014, the company might not have as much industry experience as some older, more established manufacturers.
  • Lack of Certifications: The absence of noted certifications, like ISO, could potentially raise questions about their commitment to standardized quality management and environmental practices.


Operating since 1992, Unionwear originates from Newark, America, producing bags, hats, and more. They provide bespoke backpacks adorned with embroidery as per your requirement.

Custom-made bags typically have a minimum order requirement of 50 units, making them a great option for small-scale custom orders. However, MOQ can vary depending on the product and style. They encourage you to reach out for more details.


  • Longstanding Experience: Established in 1992, Unionwear has gained substantial industry experience, lending credibility and expertise to their offerings.
  • Diverse Products: Unionwear produces a range of items, including bags and hats, providing customers with a variety of choices.
  • Customization: The company’s ability to offer bespoke backpacks with services like embroidery caters to customers seeking personalized products.
  • Low MOQ: With a minimum order of just 50 units, this makes Unionwear a great option for small-scale orders and businesses.


  • Variable MOQ: While the low MOQ is advantageous, the fact that it varies depending on the product and style could add complexity for the customers, who might have to reach out for more details.
  • Lack of Global Reach: The company originates from Newark, America and there’s no explicit mention of services for international markets. This could limit its reach compared to competitors with a more global presence.
  • Lack of Details: Certain information such as delivery times is not specified in the description, which may leave potential customers in doubt or warrant additional inquiries.

A.S.G. International Corp

A.S.G. International Corp is a bag manufacturing firm initially started in Korea, with two manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, more precisely, Binh Duong Province and Long An Province.

With extensive experience in the backpack trade, they focus on manufacturing range of backpacks such as daypacks, technical packs, etc.

Furthermore, the MOQ of the final goods is 500 pcs per SKU. The sample lead time and production lead time stand at 7-14 days and 90 days in that order.


  • Geographical Advantage: Initially started in Korea and with two manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, the company boasts a wide geographic presence that could facilitate logistics and offer manufacturing advantages.
  • Extensive Experience: The company’s longstanding experience in the backpack trade equips them with industry knowledge and expertise to deliver quality products.
  • Wide Range of Products: The company provides a variety of backpacks like daypacks, technical packs, etc., catering to diverse customer needs.
  • Reasonable MOQ: The MOQ of 500 pcs per SKU is a manageable requirement for many businesses, making their products accessible to a wider audience.
  • Quick Sample Lead Time: With a sample lead time of 7-14 days, it’s efficient for customers who wish to review product samples before ordering in bulk.


  • Long Production Lead Time: At 90 days, the production lead time is fairly long, potentially causing inconvenience for customers who require quicker turnaround times.
  • Lack of Customization Options: There’s no explicit mention of customization capabilities such as logo printing, embroidery, etc. This might limit their appeal to customers seeking personalized designs.
  • Unavailable Certification Details: Without specified certifications like ISO, there may be concerns about quality management and environmental standards adherence.

Sourcing in Vietnam

Established in 2008, Sourcing in Vietnam is a sourcing agency situated in Ho Chi Minh City. The founder, being acquainted with many Vietnam factories, specializes in products such as bags, hats, shoes and so forth.

The firm provides assistance in the quick and accurate identification of suitable backpack factories, and get in direct contact with them. Additionally, they offer value-added services like quality control.


  • Specialization: As a sourcing agency, the firm specializes in various products such as bags, hats, shoes and so forth, providing an array of options for customers.
  • Founder’s Network: The founder’s acquaintance with many Vietnam factories could mean access to good manufacturing resources.
  • Factory Selection Assistance: Offering help in the quick and accurate identification of suitable backpack factories is a valuable service for those unfamiliar with the landscape or short on time.
  • Value-Added Services: The added service of quality control gives customers assurance about product quality and enhances the company’s credibility.


  • Indirect Relationship: The nature of their business means customers do not directly deal with the manufacturers, which may cause communication or operational inefficiencies.
  • Dependence on Third Party: As a sourcing agency, they rely heavily on third-party factories. This could potentially influence the consistency of quality or reliability of service.
  • Lack of Transparency: There may be a lack of transparency in pricing or manufacturing processes, given the indirect relationship between the customer and original manufacturer.
  • Limited Control: Clients are largely reliant on the agency’s diligence and competence, as they have limited control over the sourcing process.

Rocket Bags

Rocket Bags, a leading promotional bag maker in London for over three decades, is a company certified by ISO 9001. They offer customization for bags including branding, material selection, etc.

Their custom bags usually require a minimum order of 200-500 units. Since the required minimum may vary depending on your needs, they suggest contacting them directly. It usually takes around 6 months to design and produce a custom-made bag.


  • Industry Experience: Operational for over three decades, Rocket Bags demonstrates significant expertise and trustworthiness in the promotional bag industry.
  • Quality Certification: Being ISO 9001 certified assures customers of their commitment to quality management.
  • Customization Offerings: They offer customization options for bags, including branding and material selection, providing a tailored solution for clients’ needs.
  • Flexible MOQ: With a minimum order of 200-500 units, Rocket Bags caters to a wide array of businesses, from smaller companies to larger enterprises.


  • Long Design and Production Cycle: The process of designing and producing a custom-made bag takes around six months, which is a moderately long period that might not suit customers needing quick turnarounds.
  • Variable MOQ: While flexibility in MOQ can be a pro, it can also be a con as the MOQ varies, leading to potentially complex scenarios that necessitate direct contact with the company.
  • Geographical Limitations: Being a London-based company, there might be limitations or added costs for international customers or orders.
  • Limited Product Range: The focus on promotional bags could limit customers looking for other kinds of bags or products.


Regardless of your geographical location or the size of your business, finding a dependable backpack supplier that caters to your specific needs is possible. A variety of backpack manufacturers from Vietnam, China, USA, UK, and Canada has been itemized for your perusal. I trust this compilation will be somewhat useful in your search.


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