How to Create Multiple Pages in WordPress? 

Creating a robust online presence often requires publishing a multitude of pages that cater to different audiences, products, or services. For WordPress users, this can seem like a daunting task, especially when dealing with a high volume of content. Enter Page Generator Pro, the ultimate solution for mass content generation that maximizes your search engine presence with minimal effort.


Features of Page Generator Pro

Page Generator Pro is not just another WordPress plugin; it’s a comprehensive tool that allows you to automatically generate unlimited, unique pages, posts, and custom post types. Whether you’re looking to create city-specific pages, a directory of offerings, or simply want to keep your blog fresh with new content, Page Generator Pro has got you covered.

Page Generator Pro


Tailored Content at Your Fingertips

With Page Generator Pro, you define the keywords that matter to your business—be it locations, services, or products. These keywords are then seamlessly integrated into content templates, known as Content Groups, allowing you to mass-produce pages and posts that are tailored to your needs.


Compatibility and Ease of Use

The plugin works harmoniously with the Classic Editor, Gutenberg, and most popular Page Builders, including Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, and more. This means you can continue using the tools you’re comfortable with while leveraging the power of Page Generator Pro.


Unique Content Every Time

Thanks to the intelligent use of keywords and powerful transformations, each piece of content generated is unique and search engine friendly. You’ll never have to worry about duplicate content penalties. Plus, if you’re ever stuck for keyword ideas, Page Generator Pro can automatically generate a list of synonyms for you.


Stay Current with Dynamic Keyword Sources

In a world where data changes rapidly, Page Generator Pro keeps up. Link your keywords to external data sources like Airtable, Google Sheets, or even a CSV file. Your content stays fresh as these sources are updated in real-time whenever you generate new pages or posts.


Localize Your Content

Targeting specific locations? Page Generator Pro can automatically generate keyword lists for locations, complete with ZIP codes, cities, counties, and more. This data is perfect for creating structured location pages, enhancing your local SEO efforts.


Import and Go

Already have a list of keywords? Import them directly into Page Generator Pro using text, CSV, or Excel files. These keywords can then be inserted into any part of your content, from titles to excerpts.


Build Directory Sites with Interlinking

Creating a directory site is a breeze with Page Generator Pro. The plugin supports hierarchical content generation and interlinking, making it easy to build any structure you need, whether it’s service-based, location-based, or a combination of both.


Full Control Over Your Content

Page Generator Pro’s interface mirrors the standard WordPress editing screens, giving you full control over titles, permalinks, content, and more. Keywords can be inserted into any field, ensuring that your content is both rich and relevant.


Spintax for Unique Content

With support for spintax, nested spintax, and block spinning, Page Generator Pro ensures that the content generated is truly unique. You can even use keywords within your spintax for more dynamic content.


Page Builder and SEO Compatibility

Page Generator Pro supports over 25 Page Builders and is compatible with your preferred SEO and Schema plugins. This means you can continue to optimize your content for search engines while using Page Generator Pro.


Advanced Scheduling and AI Integration

Schedule your content for future publication or integrate with AI services like OpenAI (GPT-3, GPT3-5 including ChatGPT) for automatic content generation. Page Generator Pro is designed to fit seamlessly into your content strategy.


Embed Rich Media Content

Automatically embed maps, images, weather updates, Wikipedia content, and more with Page Generator Pro’s Dynamic Elements. This ensures that each page is not only unique but also rich in media and information.


Ready for Multilingual Content

For websites that cater to a global audience, Page Generator Pro is fully compatible with Polylang and WPML, making it easy to generate content in multiple languages.


Page Generator Pro is the most powerful, all-in-one AI writing copilot you need for your WordPress site. It’s time to maximize your search engine presence with ease and efficiency. Try Page Generator Pro today and revolutionize the way you create content.



Page Generator Pro offers flexible pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a small business, or a large enterprise, there’s a plan that fits your budget and content generation needs. Our plans are designed to provide you with the full suite of features, including access to all dynamic elements, keyword transformations, and premium support.


  • Single Plan:
      • Price: $49 per year
      • Includes: 1 year support and valid for 1 site
  • Unlimited Plan:
      • Price: $99 per year
      • Includes: 1 year support, valid for unlimited sites, and supports WordPress Multisite
  • Lifetime Plan:
      • Price: $199 (one-time payment)
      • Includes: Lifetime support, valid for unlimited sites, and supports WordPress Multisite
  • Agency Plan:
    • Price: $299 (one-time payment)
    • Includes: Lifetime support, valid for unlimited sites, supports WordPress Multisite, priority support, white labeling, allow client use, access control, and domain control

These plans are aimed at providing flexible options suitable for businesses of all sizes and come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Invest in Page Generator Pro today and transform the way you create content. With our affordable pricing and powerful features, you’re just a few clicks away from maximizing your website’s potential and achieving unparalleled search engine presence.


Final Thoughts

Creating multiple pages in WordPress doesn’t have to be a chore. With Page Generator Pro, you can quickly and easily generate a wide variety of content types, ensuring your website remains dynamic and SEO-friendly. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual page creation and hello to a streamlined, automated process that frees you up to focus on what you do best—growing your business.


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