10 Best Cooler Bag Manufacturers Over the World

In search of the finest cooler bag manufacturers? Want to collaborate with the known frontrunners and suppliers in the industry? If your answer is yes, worry no more! I will provide you with a list of the top enterprises in China by region.

Let’s explore the international manufacturing stronghold – China, where you can find the most expansive and significant factories and production facilities dispersed across various cities.

Let’s cut to the chase, here are the 10 best cooler bag factories!



BagManufacturer, established in 2003 and headquartered in China, has a distinguished history of creating custom cooler bags. With branches in countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada, the company has successfully built an international footprint. Famed for its skills in manufacturing private label cooler bags, BagManufacturer’s dedication to quality is evidenced by its ISO 9001 certification.

While standard bulk orders of cooler bags often necessitate 6-16 weeks for delivery, customers can choose express air freight option, ensuring their orders will arrive within 6 business days, although this comes with additional charges.

Key Products



With over sixty years rooted deeply in the bag manufacturing industry, REDIBAGUSA provides a comprehensive range of packing materials and bags. Our assortment caters to various bag styles, including deli bags, produce bags, industrial bags, can liners, and an exclusive line dedicated to cooler bags.

REDIBAGUSA offers robust Cordura nylon thermal bags that are designed to maintain the temperature of your food or drinks for up to 6 hours. Every bag is equipped with a heavy-duty zipper and a resilient nylon carry handle. Plus, REDIBAGUSA offers customization options that allow you to add bespoke embroidery to your cooler bags.


  • Long-established company with 60 years’ experience.
  • Offers unique customizations like bespoke embroidery.


  • Focus spread across wide range of bag styles.
  • Cooler bag durability limited to 6 hours.

The One Packaging Solutions

For over 12 years, The One Packaging Solutions remains to be Jiangsu’s hallmark in delivering high-grade cooler bags. Our reputation for promising quality spans globally.

We employ techniques to craft traditional cooler bags that take insulation into account, including both the interior and the exterior of the cooler bag.

In addition to the superior cooler bags we provide, we are recognized and considered the best in the sector for supplying cosmetic bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, reusable bags, and more!


  • Established company with 12 years of experience.
  • High-quality product span across cooler and various types of bags.
  • Internationally recognized reputation.


  • Primarily traditional cooler bag techniques and designs.
  • May lack innovative offerings in insulated bag sector.


Established in 2016, Swaggos is a youthful company confidently emerging in the bustling scene of San Francisco, California. The dynamic firm embarked on its journey with a vision to carve a unique presence in the industry, and today, it finds itself serving a diverse client base. Swaggos efficiently caters to both local and distant requirements thanks to its strategic domestic partnerships spread across the entire United States.

Upholding a global business perspective, Swaggos extends its reach beyond domestic borders. It has established successful partnerships in Asia, a testament to its effective global business strategy. Furthermore, they offer a plethora of high-quality promotional products, demonstrating their versatile capabilities in a competitive market. Of the various products they sell, cooler bags distinctly stand out, highlighting Swaggos’ quest for innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • Dynamic, youthful company with innovation.
  • Successful domestic and international partnerships.


  • Short in industry compared to competitors.
  • Wide range of products could dilute focus on cooler bags.

Zhangjiagang Jinye International Trade Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Jinye International Trade Co., Ltd. comes in at a close second. Their main markets span Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, South America, and North America. The company has gained a reputation for its stylish and detailed cooler bags, soft and hard-cased alike.

Their products are easily recyclable and reusable, reflecting their commitment to sustainability. Other notable lines include washing bags, gift bags, insulated lunch bags, and promotional bags.  


  • Operates in diverse international markets.
  • Known for stylish and detailed designs.
  • Committed to sustainability with recyclable products.


  • Not the market leader.
  • Focus on sustainability could limit material choice.

 Universal Promo Inc.

Possessing a strong foundation built over 40 years in the industry, Universal Promo Inc. has established itself as a prominent producer and distributor of various solutions. Situated in Maple Grove, Minnesota, their headquarters serve as the orchestrated hub for producing an array of printing and packaging solutions that cater to a multitude of needs. Their comprehensive offerings are devised based on meticulous market analysis and cultivated expertise, ensuring the delivered solutions meet or exceed the industry’s evolving demands.

Among their diverse offerings, cooler bags receive special attention due to their practicality and widespread use. Universal Promo Inc. leverages its substantial expertise to craft these cooler bags, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality. From the manufacturing process to distribution, the company maintains a commitment to excellence, making it a preferred choice for clients across various sectors.


  • 40 years’ experience, indicating reliability and expertise.
  • Strong commitment to quality standards.


  • Diverse offerings might dilute focus on cooler bags.
  • Emphasis on market analysis may limit innovation.

Shanghai Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

If cooler bags are on your radar, Shanghai Eagle won’t disappoint. They are recognized as the leading and most trustworthy cooler bag provider in Shanghai, serving customers nationwide and across Southeast Asia!

Their expert offerings extend to pouches, travel bags, insulated lunch bags, and several others!


  • Recognized leading provider in Shanghai.
  • Serves wide customer base, including Southeast Asia.
  • Offers variety of bag types.


  • Limited to serving mainly Shanghai and Southeast Asia.
  • Not globally recognized in the sector.

Ningbo ICEBERG Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd.

Ningbo ICEBERG Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. is known for their savvy in appliances – but they also excel in cooler bags!

With eight (8) operating production lines, they can manufacture over 20,000 products monthly!


  • Diverse expertise, extending to appliances.
  • High production capacity with eight operational lines.


  • Primary expertise not in cooler bags.
  • High production rate could compromise quality.

Top Harvest Import & Export Co., Ltd.

While best known for kitchen and home goods, many businesses aren’t aware that Ningbo is also a trusted supplier of high-quality cooler bags.

In addition to cooler bags, they can assist with shopping bags, beauty bags, grocery bags, reusable bags, and more!


  • Knows the market with a proven track record in home goods.
  • Wide range of bag products.


  • Cooler bags not their primary business.
  • Brand may not be associated with cooler bags.

New Berry Enterprise Ltd.

With an expansive product catalog, New Berry Enterprise Ltd. commits to offering superior quality bags in trendy sizes. Their efficient production lines and skilled workforce, consisting of over 300 staff, guarantee timely delivery and exceptional quality.

In addition to cooler bags, New Berry also provides an array of products like duffle bags, shoulder bags, computer bags, shopping bags, foldable reusable bags, etc.


  • Extensive product catalog in multiple sizes.
  • Significant workforce ensures timely delivery.


  • Variety may lead to diluted focus on cooler bags.
  • Large team might mean lack of personalized service.


Now that you’re acquainted with 10 best cooler bag suppliers from its most prosperous regions, the next step is for you to make a choice.

With BagManufacturer, rest assured, we’ll provide top-notch cooler bags in both soft and hard-cased options. Our premium customer services are available more than 12 hours each day to assist you.

Since the early 2000s, BagManufacturer has consistently been a leading figure in China’s cooler bag manufacturing scene. We eagerly await your inquiry and are ready to provide a free quote!


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