10 Best Reusable Bag Manufacturers

Reusable bags present an affordable, user-friendly, and eco-conscious alternative to single-use bags. They can be fashioned from various materials, including PPNW, PPNW Laminated, RPET, and Jute Bags. 

Dive into our directory of the best Reusable Bag Makers! Opting for reusable bags significantly trims down the volume of plastic bags discarded post-grocery shopping and litter headed for landfills.

To transport their groceries or for general shopping purposes, many individuals are turning to reusable sustainable bags. It’s a fabulous strategy to foster eco-responsibility while maintaining comfort via bag manufacturers.

But who’s behind the production of these Reusable Bags?

In this piece, you will discover a lineup of the foremost Reusable Bag Makers—specialists in the field and well-reputed brands.

  1. RediBag USA

  2. Lotus Sustainables

  3. Eco-Bags Products

  4. ToughBuilt Industries


  6. ToteBagFactory

  7. CustomEarthPromos 

  8. Veno Bags 

  9. Baggu

  10. BagPodz

Redi Bag USA

RediBagUSA, a private American corporation, provides paper and plastic goods to various sectors such as grocery, deli, restaurant, dry cleaner, and industrial. Operating globally in 20+ countries, the company reported production of 56,000,000 pounds in 2019, with an impressive industry presence spanning over 63 years.

With numerous patents under its belt, RediBag’s motto is Green, On Budget, In Time. RediBag USA’s prolific product list includes:

  • Reusable Bags

  • Paper bags

  • Gloves 

  • Carrier for wine, bags for seafood

  • Shopper’s Tote bag

  • Deli bags

  • Trash liner bag

  • Produce Bags (Roll n Go and Pre-Opened Bags)

Reusable bags from RediBag are resilient, assorted, and economical, presenting a green solution to curb plastic consumption. Refer to the product finder for an ideal match.

You can customize RediBag’s products to your specifics, including size, style, color, print, and material type (non-woven, woven, and laminated).

Lotus Sustainables

Hailing from San Diego, California, Lotus Sustainables aims to eradicate plastic usage in shopping. 

Post the 2016 statewide plastic prohibition, the founders curated an effective and universal grocery packing technique, addressing the rising issue of superfluous cheap reusable bags.

Their fundamental offering, the Lotus Trolley Bag, is recyclable and earth-friendly. The bags have notable features like insulation, pockets, and removable rods. Lotus Sustainables claims they have eradicated about 2,750,000,000 plastic bags via their initiatives. 

Their product lineup includes:

  • Lotus Trolley Bag

  • Lotus Cart Clip

  • Lotus Produce Bags → Cotton & Premium Mesh

Price: Presently, a Lotus Trolley Bag is available at a discounted rate of $44.99 (original cost was $59.99).

Eco-Bags Products

Since its inception in 1989, Eco-Bags Products, Inc. has striven to deliver affordable, high-quality bags to make Reusable a way of life.” 

Starting with the Ecobags Classic String Bag, the company has diversified into offering:

  • Tote Bags

  • Shopping Bags

  • String Bags™

  • Produce Bags

  • Lunch Bags

  • Zero Waste Kits

  • Spa And Travel Bags

  • Printed Bags

Boasting customized bag printing and design support, the firm also accepts Made to Order requests and showcases SA8000 certifications.

Price: An EcoBags tote bag ranges from $7.69 to $18.99.

ToughBuilt Industries

Located in Lake Forest, California, ToughBuilt Industries Inc. produces versatile reusable bags, mostly catering to the building & construction market in the United States.

Its offering of reusable bags includes:

  • Massive Mouth Bags

  • Modular Totes

  • 3-Pack Fastener Bag

  • 3 Pack Toolmate Softboxes

  • 3 Pack Tower Softboxes

  • 3 Pack Fastener Bags

  • Clip Tech With → 8″ Tote + Pouch With Cliptech & 3-Piece Builder Tool Belt Set

  • Pouches, Belts, and Accessories

Their bags aim to streamline supply storage with robust mesh windows for visibility and efficient organization, while being resilient, easy to carry, and comfortably transportable., an Indiana-based manufacturer, designs custom and standard reusable non-woven merchandizing bags fit for groceries, promo events, trade shows, and diverse retail spaces. It ensures a wide reach for its products, each tailored for multiple purposes and crafted in different materials and sizes.

Its product-line involves:

  • Die-cut bags 

  • Plastic retail bags 

  • Stock poly bags 

  • Wicketed bags 

  • Stock merchandise bags 

  • HDPE bags 

  • Ice bags 

  • Anti-static bags 

  • Pallet covers & t-shirt bags

    Further items offered range from gusseted bags, refuse sacks, bags for bread shops, bags utilized in food service, liners for drums/barrels, bin/Gaylord bags, hospital bags, to poly tubing & polypropylene bags. We also have biodegradable bags available for those conscious of the environment.


Totebagfactory, seen as one of the well-recognized ASI-verified reusable bag suppliers in California, caters to various individuals and enterprises. At wholesale rates, they provide an array of sustainable solutions.

Their range of products includes Cotton Canvas Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags-Backpacks, Wine Bags, and Laundry Bags, among others.

ToteBagFactory also creates backpacks, bandanas, towels, duffle bags, briefcases, and specialized bags.

Cost: ToteBagFactory provides bags at wholesale prices. The cost of a tote bag varies from $1 – $10, based on features, materials used, and options for personalization.

Established in 2009, CustomEarthPromos is based in Delray Beach, Florida, and aspires to improve the world.

They produce reusable bags utilizing 100% recycled materials, like water bottles, and cater to custom orders for bags – for instance, logo printing. The range of products offered by CustomEarthPromos includes:

  • Reusable Bags 

  • Seed Paper 

  • Reusable Bottles 

  • Lanyards 

  • Eco Promo Items 

  • Masks & Supplies


The minimum order quantity for in-stock items from CustomEarthPromos is usually 100 pieces, whereas for overseas orders, it typically ranges from 500-1000 pieces, depending on the product.

Cost: A cotton tote bag from CustomEarthPromos can be purchased for prices ranging from $1-$7. 

Veno Bags

Established in 2016 in Los Angeles, California, Veno has a vision to curb the detrimental impacts caused by single-use plastic bags on our environment. They offer an extensive selection of reusable bags like grocery bags, produce bags, versatile totes, lunch bags, insulated bags, moving bags, and storage organizers for a greener future.

Veno makes most of the bags using 80% of post-consumer recycled material, preventing the pollution of lands, oceans, and lakes by non-biodegradable plastic waste.

Apart from groceries, insulation, moving, and storage, Veno bags can be used for various other purposes. They also offer free shipping and a 3-day refund.

Cost: With Veno, you can purchase a 4-Pack Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag With a Reinforced Hard Bottom at a regular price of $24.99 and a discounted price of $21.99.


Founded in 2007, Baggu has had sustainability as a key part of its mission since day one. It produces reusable shopping bags and is known for its commitment to minimizing waste that arises from operations and manufacturing processes.

The company designs its products with minimal waste and longevity in mind while using as few materials as possible. The materials used for the manufacturing of reusable bags consist of:

  • Recycled Nylon

  • Recycled Canvas

  • Vegan (They phased out leather from the product line in Fall 2020)

  • Recycled Mesh & Polyfill

  • Recycled Paper Packaging & Mailers

  • Biodegradable Poly


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